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The Fractured Sky by Thomas M. Reid

Posted by travizzt on November 4, 2009

Kaanyr Vhok finds himself in heaven, a place he does not belong, in order to stop the schemes of a madman. Is he too late?

The Fractured Sky
by Thomas M. Reid- This is the second book in The Empyrean Odyssey trilogy, the first being The Gossamer Plain. The story follows Kaanyr Vhok, Aliisza, Kael (Aliisza’s son), and Tauran in their attempt to stop Zasian Menz. This is my second read through in honor of the last book The Crystal Mountain coming out.

I’ll just simply reword what the description says on the back of the book. Kaanyr Vhok finds himself in the heart of heaven, except under circumstances that he does not want to be and bound by an oath to an angel. Aliisza, in being tricked by Vhok, wants to teach him a lesson that it was not a nice thing to be tricked by her lover.

1) Micus and the Angels. The whole “holier than thou” thing just really grated on my nerves. With Micus, it just seemed like he was constantly blind by the laws he swore to uphold. Then you have all the other angels, which have to, let me repeat that, have to follow everything by law. Yes, it’s their ‘job’ to, but use some common sense! However, I do have to give props to Thomas M. Reid. He made you hate the “holy beings” and he really made them into the villains in this part of the trilogy.
2) Secondary Characters. I didn’t like how Zasian, Myshik and Kashada seemed to become not important enough to write about. Around the middle, you suddenly stop hearing about any of them, not counting the little two paragraph snippets you get here and there. Now I didn’t like Myshik, and still don’t so it didn’t bother me to much to not read about him. Zasian I can’t help but like and was honestly disappointed that he suddenly disappeared halfway through. Kashada, however, was a good idea and just didn’t get enough limelight.
3) Getting out of trouble. It seemed like no matter the trouble the group gets into, they always escaped it. Now, that isn’t a bad thing necessary, but when it is obvious that they shouldn’t have been able to make it, they do. The good thing about this is that, what they did to escape was actually logical and simple. Simple enough to be believable, but at the same time, simple enough to not believe it.

1) Tauran. Now I strongly disliked him in The Gossamer Plain. However, here he seemed to really develop into an interesting character. He had more facets than sad and happy, and just became more complex and broken down. Just a great improvement.
2) Vhok and Aliisza. I still like these characters, even though some people may not agree. Vhok was good just because he was just plain bull-headed most of the story. It worked, amazingly. You could really tell that he despised helping Tauran and Kael in their quest. It didn’t help with a divine oath. And yet, you can see Vhok gain a little more depth with Aliisza, and his feelings towards her. Aliisza on the other hand was great because of how she was slowly changing. She appeared to want to be a mother, a friend, and a lover all at the same time and her actions towards each member of the group really reflected a clash of different feelings.
3) The events. There are two major events in this book. Both are “realms shattering” and would go on to change the Forgotten Realms forever. Now I may not like what happened to the Realms, but the way Thomas M. Reid wrote them made me feel very comfortable with what happened. I’ve already read about one major event in another story and it was horribly done. The way that it was written made it understandable and welcome.

Overall: 3.5/5
*The problem was Micus and the angels, with their “we must follow protocol” attitude grated on my nerves. But along with that, the drop-off from the “villain” segment just was the real killer.*

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