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Vampire of the Mists by Christie Golden

Posted by travizzt on November 4, 2009

Jander Sunstar is seeking revenge for the loss of his love, but is thrown into a world he never expected and horrors await him.

Vampire of the Mists
by Christie Golden follows a gold elf vampire named Jander Sunstar, who is hell-bent on revenge. Jander gets thrown into a land called Barovia where a lord, Strahd, takes him in. When trying to found out who hurt his beloved, he finds his answers were right under his nose.
1) Time Passing. I really was lost because I didn’t know how much time passed in some parts. I was really shocked to suddenly see Anastasia pregnant, then suddenly her child is running around town. It would have been OK if there was an indicator in the next paragraph. Basically, it just would have benefited a little more if there was acknowledgment of time. I really explained that badly…
2) Point of views. I didn’t like how in the same paragraph, the viewpoints were suddenly changed. So one minute you’re in Sasha’s eyes, the next you’re in Jander’s mind. I really didn’t care for that.

1) The characters. Jander was just an amazing character. I really felt his torment. Strahd was just creepy. I liked all the references to movies like Dracula that you can find in here. “I am Count Strahd von Zarovich, and I bid you welcome.” Was just like the dialogue in Dracula. Sasha and Leisl were great characters. Sasha was really thought out and interesting. Leisl was the same way.
2) Horror. The story is creepy. Not scary, it was just plain creepy. Every chapter had something horrible happen in it and because of that, I felt disgusted and awed.
3) Twists. I can’t give anything away but towards the end I was absolutely shocked that someone was someone. Just shocked!
4) Emotions. This is really the first book I had some sort of emotions for what was going on. I was really disgusted at some parts, heart-broken at others, and horrified most of the time.

Overall: 4.9/5
*The time issue and the viewpoint issue I had really bothered me. But all in all, the story, the characters, the emotions that went along with the book made up for it.*

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