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Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch

Posted by travizzt on November 28, 2009

A government conspiracy dealing with an alien race goes awry and it’s up to one man to save the Earth. Sounds like an action packed thrill ride, or is it?

Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch- This is a science fiction story and it is James Murdoch’s first novel.

In 1954, a collaboration between the United States and an alien species formed. The two sides, would give each other things to either advance the technology or help understand humanity, but this was all done in secrecy. Little did the one’s dealing know that the aliens would be Earth’s downfall. It’s up to Michael Kendon, a former assassin for the secret group, and the daughter of a scientist, Laura Meller, to prevent a global genocide. Before Laura’s father’s death, he told Kendon of a way to save humanity from “the Breeders”, and the key to the powerful weapon is with his daughter. During the duos attempt to save humanity, an astronomer, Eric Tepler discovers the asteroid that will cause Earth’s doom and tries to warn everyone but is forcibly prevented by a secret group. During Tepler’s warning, he finds out the lighthouse that was recently converted to an observatory, is so much more than it seems.

1) Editing. There was just so many editing mistakes that were vastly overlooked. Paragraphs and sentences were suddenly split up for no clear reason. A lot of misspelled words, it was just horrible.
2) Kendon/ Laura. Their “love interest” seemed really forced and I really had a hard time believing it was real. It was just silly and obvious that it was going to happen. But really? Love at first sight… Give me a break. Sure, it’s alluded that Kendon is, pretty much, hopelessly enamored with Laura from the first time he seen a photograph that her father showed him, but it just was silly. I just didn’t really care for it.
3) Gullibility. Now, in the real world, I noticed that a little of people would be really skeptic of anything sort of government conspiracy theories and aliens. Heck, I don’t believe any of that stuff. What I find unbelievable is most of the time, people in the story, when they hear this outlandish tale of aliens and conspiracies are almost instantly jumping on the bandwagon. I found it a little annoying.

1) Pacing. I really enjoyed how fast paced the book was. It really was hard to put down at times because the pacing was just so good. It really gave you the sense of urgency that the characters have and it really helped up the excitement. It is really one of those books that you could finish in a day when you have nothing else to do.
2) Story. Although it is a little overused, the government conspiracy on aliens, the plot was wonderfully done, mostly do to the pacing. It does seem like an old bag of tricks, with aliens threatening to destroy the world and how only the elite can survive, but it never really felt overdone. The pacing really helps this out with having you not really reflect too much on what just happened and having you want to know whats going to happen next. Plus, here and there, different things happen to keep it a little different and engaging.
3) Excitement. Each chapter felt like a short story in a way. They almost all seemed to begin with something mundane happening and have a climatic moment at the end. It really kept the story exciting. It also helped that the scenes weren’t suddenly split up and picked back up after another characters scene.

Side Notes:
1) Tepler/ Gabriela. They had a really good love story going on, which was so much better than the Kendon/ Laura one. You could see how the threat of impending doom really brought the two characters together and it just seemed more tender.
2) Gravity Weapon. I thought that was really unique. I don’t want to give it away, I just really liked the idea.
3) Cover Art. Generic. Simple. If I saw this, I’d probably never would have bothered picking it up. It really seems like a general book about aliens. I just think that maybe something else would have been better.

Overall: 4/5

Final Thoughts:
The story is good. What really makes the book interesting is that it’s hard to put down. It’s exciting and fast paced. The characters are a little bland and generic, and the love interest felt unneeded. But all in all, it’s a fun, enjoyable read.

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