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Rant- Geek Squad

Posted by travizzt on January 19, 2010

Oh boy, computer troubles are no fun when you don’t get it back when they said it would be fixed by!

So on Jan. 7th, my newer computer happened to crash. Now this wouldn’t be all that big of a deal, but a month earlier it crashed. So I took it into Geek Squad because, fortunately, I had the protection plan. They told me that my HDD is corrupt somehow, and that it’s a free fix and it should talk a few days. So I thought nothing of it honestly… I was happy that it was a free fix.

Ok now fast forward to a week later… No phone calls nothing at all.  video games and movies were all that were sustaining me at those days and they were starting to wear thin fast. So I call them up and ask what’s the progress of my computer. They say that they’ve been busy but it most likely will be done later that day, but more likely the next. I’m ok with that, I can wait another day… No biggie. And what do I get? Nothing… No phone call, nothing.  So I was going to call the next day, but I wasn’t able to… So now we come to Sunday. I call them at about 6 and they tell me it should be finished within 40 minutes. Which means by the time I could pick it up, Best Buy would be closed. Lovely. So I call them first thing in the morning and lo and behold, it wasn’t done. I did get it however at like 3pm…

Why am I telling this story? Well… That’s why I haven’t been updating anything lately. So needless to say, I should be updating sometime tomorrow! Sorry for the delay… I have to reinstall everything and fix up my computer to where it was before it crashed.

Okay, Rant Over!

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